Aleksandra Anikina. Portfolio
Highlights of previous projects
The international student organization AIESEC.
Dive into a global network of young, talented and interested in world issues, leadership and management. The first experience of teamwork, organisation of citywide events and promotional campaigns online.
Period: 2010–2011
Roles: project participant, project manager, volunteer

Education and communication
Through the training program with lots of workshops, business games and workshops AIESEC gave me a wide range of skills and knowledge about business processes and corporate social responsibility, taught to me to be aware of global trends and appreciate getting first-hand information. Last but not least, AIESEC beacame for me a source of communication with students of different majors and interests all over the world.
Project management
Selection, carrying out trainings and collaboration with St. Petersburg students. Our small but ambitious team promoted volunteer projects in Asia, found the participants and prepared them the upcoming challenges and joys. Those, in turn, gave us amazing stories of distant countries and lots of inspiration.
Volunteering in China
Most grateful listeners of my life: teens in Chinese town of Mianzhu, which was affected by an earthquake. Together with my teamsters from Europe, USA and Asia, we have been trained in Shanghai and did our best to teach the young participants of the Summer School
soft skills and basic business knowledge, supported their faith in themselves and their dreams, to be not afraid to speak in English and express their thoughts.

Russian Association of Public Relations (РАСО)
Student community
Studying public relations at the university, I was eager to get my feet wet as soon as possible. The student community of Russian PR Assosiation helped to realize their potential, meet with industry leaders and learn many professional secrets.

Period: 2012-2014 years.
Roles: smm-Manager, Competition PolitPRpro, fundraiser and external relations manager of Student Conference The Baltic PR Weekend.

Project Baltia magazine
А professional journal covering architecture, urban planning, and design in North-West Russia, Finland, and the Baltic states.

6 exhibitions, 3 architectural competitions, more than 12 conferences and 22 lectures in 5 cities. The most creative colleagues and serious business-partners with strict deadlines. Events that are always popular with creative minds and a magazine that you are proud to show parents and professors.
Period: 2012-2014
Role: project manager

Human being as a material
Exhibition of contemoparary artists in Annenkirche
The initiative of young artists turned into a project to rediscover burnt down in the 90's Lutheran Church. for St Petersburg citizens. Careful execution of the most unusual tasks evers such as to find three cubic meters of ground or perfect lighting for the show being on a tight budget - everythings for the sake of the creative ideas to come true
Period: July-September 2014
Role: fundraiser, logistics manager

Institute of design and urban studies
A long-standing desire to work in the field of education has resulted in being employed by a local "corporation": Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies. There I found the unit perfectly relevant to my interests and experience, and began to develop its communication strategy of interaction with students, citizens, businesses and the city authorities. The most ambitious point of the strategy was the International Forum of spatial development, which proved that urban planners and urbanists in St. Petersburg have much to develop, and it is not pointless for government and business to support them.

Period: October 2014 - June 2015
Role: Head of External Communications of the Institute of Urban Design and coordinator of the Forum of spatial development

University of Helsinki
Mastering my skills and knowledge in a leading European university
Starting from the autumn 2015 I am doing my master studies at the University of Helsinki, known for its excellence in both research and education. Besides fascinating courses about urban development, social psychology and research methods I have carried out a research on Hakaniemi market hall toghether with other international students. My university continues to suprise me with the amount of various courses and possibilities for self-development.

Exchange studies at the University of Glasgow
Internatiolizing my degree even further brought me to the largest and most vibrant city of Glasgow in Scotland, UK.
One semester spent in Glasgow brought me an opportunity not only to experience a new country and culture, but also to complete thought-provoking courses taught by honoured professors at the forth oldest university in the UK.
European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control
Communicating research visually
In 2017 I have started at HEUNI as a trainee, responsible for increasing the visibility of the research institution dealing with evidence-based criminal justice and crime prevention practices in Europe. Apparently, my skills and passion secured me a position of a communication assistant after my traineeship has ended, and I am more than happy to continue working with my inspiring colleagues.

Aleksandra Anikina
Public relations and social research
Looking forward to future collaboration.
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